Sant Tirs Investment Group | Towards the excellence

Our company

The company Sant Tirs Investment Group, is a subsidiary of Aridos Sant Tirs S.A., with a trajectory of more than 30 years of history, dedicated to investing in the international real estate market and financial assets.

The company is located in the Principality of Andorra , which has become a "hub" of very interesting contacts and where it is possible to exchange ideas, business and contacts to develop in different countries. The Principality of Andorra is currently hosting the headquarters of the most important multinational companies that choose this Country as a reference point.

Sant Tirs Investment Group has a team of professionals from different nationality, with a distinctly creative and innovative character. Our tasks are brokerage and identification of investment opportunities that we channel to national and international investors. The identification of these projects is very selective and exclusive, not based on quantity but on quality and profitability as well as with a very low risk profile.

Our philosophy is to keep the confidence of our customers over the years.